Cyberware - Arms and Hands

Arms and Hands Cyberware Table
Cyberware Description Surgery Cost Points LC
Cyber Arms
Hellboy Arm ST 8 Major $5,000 0 4
Hercules Arm ST 10 Major $10,000 0 4
Cyber Hands
Sherlock Sensitive Touch Major $10,000 0 3
Snake Bite Mounted Hypo Minor $500 2 3


Prosthetic Ltd. ‘Hellboy’ Cyber Arm

0 Points

The ‘Hellboy’ Cyber Arm is a standard mechanical prosthetic arm, designed with a cybernetically augmented shoulder socket in order to provide full support. The Hellboy, like many cybernetic limbs, can easily be detached and replaced with a different arm.

Statistics: Arm ST 8 (One Arm; Cyber Limb, -80%) 5, Striking Surface 1, and One Arm (Mitigator, -70%) [-6].

Major (x2)
Prosthetic Ltd. ‘Hercules’ Cyber Arms

0 Points

The ‘Hercules’ Cyber Arms are essentially a paired set of the ‘Hellboy’ Cyber Arms, with a reinforced shoulder and backbone in order to support even more strength.

Statistics: Arm ST 10 (Two Arms; Cyber Limb, -80%) 8, Striking Surface 1, and No Fine Manipulators (Mitigator, -70%) [-9].


Prosthetic Ltd. ‘Sherlock’ Cyber Hand

5 Points

The ‘Sherlock’ Cyber Hand is a highly sensitive cybernetic hand that’s mildly stronger than the human hand it replaces. It is commonly used by detectives or others who require extremely fine touch sensitivity.

Statistics: Sensitive Touch (One Hand Only, -20%; Stethoscopic, +50%; Ultra-Fine, +30%; Cyber Limb, -80%) 8, Arm ST 1 (One Arm; Cyber Limb, -80%) 1, and One Hand (Mitigator, -70%) [-4].

Minor Procedure
Armatech “Snake Bite” Hidden Injection System

2 points

While marketed to the public as a method of helping “medically concious” people administer dosages “on the fly” to patients, its genearlly public knowledge that these are designed as an assassin’s weapon.

A needle concealed under the fingernail is attached via hose through the hand to a hypo hidden elsewhere. The hypo takes 10 seconds to remove and replace in its mount. The stinger attacks just like a jab with a disposable hypo. It has reach C, does 1 HP damage for penetration purposes, but with no wounding, and delivers a follow-up attack based on whatever agent was loaded into it. The GM may allow a Touch-8 sense roll to notice the tiny mount before it can be used.

Statistics: Extra Arm (Switchable +10%; Takes Recharge -10%; Weapon Mount -80%, Cyberware -40%, No Signature +20%) 2.

Cyberware - Arms and Hands

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