Core Systems

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Conrad Rinehart Engineering Systems Inc.

Organization Type/Specialties: Energy
Assets: $330B
Monthly Net Revenue: $5.25B
Employees/Members: 180,000

Societal Position: Dominant, Large Resources
Rank: Corporate, 4/Level, Max 8
Rivals: Energex, Al.Corp, NeoEnergy

Rank Table
Rank Title Cost
0 Worker, Associate 0
1 Team Leader 4
2 Supervisor 8
3 Local Division Manager 12
4 District Manager 16
5 Division Manager, Director 20
6 Vice President 24
7 Corporate Officer, Member of the Board 28
8 Executive Chairman of the Board 32

Important Facilities

Arlington, USA: Headquarters.
Reykjavik, Northern Union: Thermal Research Facility
Lawrenceville, USA: Fusion Development Facility
Atlanta, USA: Primary Fusion Plant Cluster

BAD Modifiers

Security: 3
Digital Security: 4
Competence: 4
Knowledge: 3


CORE is a global power company with several regional generation and distribution subsiduaries. It provides grid and battery power and has a diverse portfolio of nuclear, thermal and renewable fuel sources. However, the mainstay of it’s operations is its Fusion Generation Division, which operates patented fusion plants across the globe, providing plentiful power to the megacities and long-distance maglev routes.

Core Systems

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