Black Toenail Gang

Black toenail gang

The Black Toenail

Organization Type/Specialties: Booster Gang
Assets: $35,000
Monthly Net Revenue: $2,000
Employees/Members: 20

Societal Position: Small Resources
Rank: Gang, 1/Level, Max 2
Rivals: Local Gangs

Rank Table
Rank Title Cost
0 Member 0
1 Lieutenant 1
2 Leader 2

Important Facilities


BAD Modifiers

Security: 2
Digital Security: 0
Competence: 2
Knowledge: -2


The Black Toenail Gang are a very typical Booster Clade from the Keller Canyon precinct of Night City, controlling only a couple of city blocks. The gang members run drugs and sex-puppet prostitutes as well as demand protection from local Canyon businesses. The Black Toenails have a definite Nihilist tendency and a strong anarchist element to their clade philosophy.

“The Toes” used to be a larger concern, based in the Shambles combat zone, until they ran foul of a team of edgerunners and the Desiderium cartel. Ousted from their combat zone base, they are vastly reduced in strength and direction, although they still harbor a burning hatred for the Desiderium.

Black toenail gang members

Black Toenail Gang

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