Atlantis 1


Atlantis 1

Population: 50,000 (Search +2)


Terrain: Underwater, Sealed
Appearance: Beautiful
Hygiene: +3

Culture And Economy

Language: English, Greek
Literacy: Native
TL: 9
Wealth: Filthy Rich
Status: -1 to 6

Political Environment

Government: Private Oligarchy
CR: 2 (Corruption -1)
Military Resources: $1.5 Billion
Defense Bonus: +15


Sitting at the edge of the Southern California Continental Shelf, nearly 200 miles off the coast of the Baja Peninsula, is a rare example of Gliterati opulence saving something beautiful – Atlantis 1. Originally set up as a combination resort and aquatic research facility by Gen-Nu, the amazing facility was left abandoned for several years after Gen-Nu Disaster forced the company to disband, and it wasn’t until a handful of Glitterati investors got the idea of buying their private underwater Eden that the site was revitalized to it’s current brilliance.

Several corporations have major facilities inside the Atlantis 1 complex, for research, development and other purposes. The original plans of Atlantis 1 were to make it entirely self-sustaining, and thanks to innovations of corporate investors, Atlantis 1’a kelp refineries are the largest suppliers of raw food materials to North America, as well as being a major source of bio-fuel.

Atlantis1 office

While the vast majority of Atlantis 1’s population can be split between Glitterati, scientists and maintenance crews, there are still the shop keepers, baristas, etc to keep a modern capitalistic city running, and its police force is busy with an average amount of crime for a city of this size. An interesting note is that the police in Atlantis 1 are armed with mostly gel-rounds, tasers and gas weapons: no solid slug ammunition exits within Atlantis 1 – despite the heavy construction and numerous safety procedures, no one is willing to risk an accidental breach of a structure!


In the heart of Atlantis 1 is a small clade of neo-Greco-Romans called the Bentonians. Benthonians are big on pursuing the “Greek Ideal” of perfect mind and body, bioware is seen as “purer” than cyberware, amd athletic contests and philosophical debates are popular spectacles (especially with tourists), but a lot of it is just an excuse for epic toga parties and orgies (especially with the tourists!).

Atlantic oracle

Notable Personalities and Groups

None as yet.

Atlantis 1

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