China mega slum

For much of the period after WW2 Asia remained fairly stable economically. Like the rest of the world, however, it was all shaken up during The Collapse, and almost as much so by climate change.

India has ascended to become one of the world’s superpowers after a nuclear war with Pakistan, and is now in a cold war with China – which has continued to be a more and more oppressive regime. The two nations are currently content to supply insurrectionists of their rivals arms for the time being, but the world fears what might come if full scale war broke between the two. China has also had to contend with the loss of much ground space – the rising sea levels have flooded the once-streets now-canals of Hong Kong and Shanghai. Many coastal cities were entirely abandoned.

China hong kong

Mongolia has seen perhaps the worst of it – even before the collapse Mongolia was the most sparsely populated country in the world. As less and less arable land was available, it began to resemble the American Midwest – nomads and nearly nothing else.

The fall of the United Nations and the weakening of the United States opened the door to Japanese imperialism again, proudly waving the Rising Sun flag once again. The state is not in total control, however, as the Yakuza have unified under a single banner, forcing JSDF troops to act as civil police. Still, with what military they have they fight for control of scraps of land in the Philippines.

Kim Jong-un, president of People’s Republic of Korea, likewise took advantage of the sudden lack of support to Seoul. His people facing famine, they launched a full scale war on South Korea. The war was long and bloody, but ultimately fruitful for the communists – unifying all of Korea under his banner.

Se asia warlord

South of China has become a veritable no-man’s land. The Vietnamese, loosing land to climate change induced flooding, were forced to increase population density and move west. Still, because of Hanoi – which serves as an Asian version of Las Vegas, it does considerably better than Burma, Laos, Cambodia, and Thailand. These lands are awash with plague, flooding, and famine. Warlords enforce a sort of rulership over the locals similar to feudalism, and the weak governments are either gone or nothing more than a name.

As sea levels rose, countless small islands throughout Indonesia became uninhabitable. People flocked in droves to Indonesia, Malaysia, Korea, Japan, India, and China.

Indonesia and Malaysia have weathered the storm fairly well. Of note, Malaysia has absorbed Brunei. The Philippines have essentially become a protectorate of Indonesia, who assists in fighting off the Japanese. Battles are sparse in both distance and time, as neither entity has too much stake in the land.


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