Armatech big

Armatech Defense Industries

Organization Type/Specialties: Defense, Aerospace, Private Security
Assets: $300B
Monthly Net Revenue: $15.25B
Employees/Members: 320,000

Societal Position: Dominant, Large Resources, Special Assets (Military Equipment)
Rank: Corporate, 5/Level, Max 8
Rivals: CanaArms, Tiberius Arms, Kirov Industries, Krieg Kapital

Rank Table
Rank Title Cost
0 Worker, Associate 0
1 Team Leader 5
2 Supervisor 10
3 Local Division Manager 15
4 District Manager 20
5 Division Manager, Director 25
6 Vice President 30
7 Corporate Officer, Member of the Board 35
8 Executive Chairman of the Board 40

Important Facilities

New York City, New York, USA: Armatech Headquarters
Atlanta, Georgia, USA: Armatech Biological Division Headquarters
Los Alamos, New Mexico, USA: Armatech High Energy Research Center

BAD Modifiers

Security: 4
Digital Security: 4
Competence: 3
Knowledge: 3


Armatech is the result of the merger and aquisition of nearly every major U.S. arms manufacturer into one magacorporation. As far as the U.S. and it’s former states are concerned, Armatech is the military-industrial complex nowadays, which gives the corp serious political clout in D.C. and the Free State capitols. It has also absorbed some of the major mercenary and security providers over the year, giving it a substantial, well-trained and equipped military force of its very own. In fact, Armatech’s security troops could probably win a conventional war against all but one of the Great Powers.


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