Aquino Automations


“Come visit Aquino Automations, Night City’s newest purveyor of custom robotics, personal electronics, and gadgets galore! Conveniently located in the re-gentrified Mulligan Hill area, just minutes outside the city core and Night Maglev station. Whether you’re in the market for a customized robot toy for the kid in you, or upgrades/service on your high-end electronics, Aquino Automations has the unbeatable quality you’re looking for!”

Aquino Automations takes up the storefront ground floor of a re-gentrified three-story suburban brownstone, the 2nd floor is mostly dedicated to electronics workshop and extra storage for parts and merchandise, the third floor is a moderate apartment living space for Pacoy. All of the big jobs, and anything illegal, is handled at the Cabrini-Grean workshop. Besides the locks and Sonic Emitters, 2 Buzzbots armed with standard Buzzbot mini-cannons are concealed on each floor, set to activate whenever the alarms are tripped, as well as a Mako-bot in Pacoy’s Apartment.

Careful to keep Aquino-Automations clean, Pacoy maintains a very low profile around the store, almost never on the ground floor during business hours – it would be very bad for people to connect the edge-runner to the store.

For a list of robots, both on the shelf and available for special customers, be sure to check out Aquino Automations Private Catalog.

Security Details

Heavy Doors & Shudders: DR 50
Complex Locks: -4 to skill
Electronic Locks: Scanlock
Defense Globes: Nonlethal (Sonic emitters) plus robotic defenses

Aquino Automations

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