Amon Zero

Amon zero transhumanism

Amon Zero

Organization Type/Specialties: Singularist Clade
Assets: $2B
Monthly Net Revenue: $20M
Employees/Members: 800,000

Societal Position: Typical Resources, Special Assets (Ghosting Technology/Ghosts)
Rank: Religious, 3/Level, Max 5
Rivals: None

Rank Table
Rank Title Cost
0 Initiate 0
1 Librarian 3
2 Archivist 6
3 Curator 9
4 Custodian 12
5 Ascendant 15

Important Facilities

Headquarters: Grand Archive, Atlanta District, The Sprawl, United States.
Ascendant Archive: Geneva, Northern Union, Europe.

BAD Modifiers

Security: 0
Digital Security: 4
Competence: 2
Knowledge: 2


Amon Zero had it’s beginnings in the early part of the century as a transhumanist group advocating the transcendence of mankind by the use of technology. However, following the death of their founder the group has changed over the decades into a religious cult. The change began with the second leader of the movement, Amon First, who had visions and dreams of a prophetic nature and taught the belief that, one day, human to-adult cloning and “ghost” mind emulation would be cheap enough for everyone to afford – and that by storing someone’s ghost in a biocomputer housed in the skull of their own clone humanity would thus effectively become immortal.

Today, the cult’s “Archives” hold vast server banks and tissue culture freezers of dead members, which are accorded a kind of “ancestor worship”, in which prayers and incense are offered up among the humming servers. Members of the cult arrange to have their minds destructively uploaded and give a tissue sample for later cloning when they are ready to join “the blessed Ascendant”. It is especially popular with lower-end corporate executives and those involved in the data industry.

The current leader is Amon Third, although in practise much of the movement is organised by a select number of ghosted Ascendants in every Archive and an Ascendant Council based in Geneva.

Amon Zero

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