Allowable Traits

Suitable Traits

General Guidelines

Supernatural advantages and disadvantages may not be selected, period. Feel free to ask your GM about any Exotic Traits that are important for your character concept.

Primary and Secondary Attributes

When dealing with a normal, unaugmented human, the upper attribute limit is 16. Attribute levels of 9-11 are to be considered normal, 12 is good and 13+ is both impressive and immediately obvious. There are no set limits at outset for augmented primary attributes – your GM will decide how far they can be pushed.

Starting Wealth

Average Wealth is $30,000 ($6,000 disposable income) for campaigns set in the first world, $20,000 ($4,000 disposable income) for campaigns set elsewhere.

Allies, Patrons, Contacts, Enemies

Values for Allies, Patrons, Contacts and Enemies should be set in consultation with the GM and will depend on how much of an organization is effectively involved. Your enemy might be a megacorps but even in the worst of worlds the whole of such a massive organization will not know who you are let alone be actively inimical to you.

Cultural Familiarity & Cultural Adaptability

The CF’s for the Edgerunners setting and some changes to the way Cultural Adaptability works are detailed on their own page.

Extra Attack

Available to non-augmented characters only at Level 1 and with prerequisites of minimum DX14 or Ambidextrous. Level2 and over are only available as augments via cyber or bioware.


Quick Gadgeteer is disallowed as an Advantage except for with a limitation of either Software/Computers Only, -50% or Pharmacy/Biochemistry Only, -50%.


In every reference to this Advantage on this wiki, we mean the version from Hi-Tech p249/Gun-Fu/Action, not the one from the Basic Set. It is available to non-augmented characters if they have all of: minimum DX 15 and either Combat Sense or Perfect Balance – otherwise it is available as a cyber or bioware augmentation.

Hard To Kill

This Advantage is limited to 2 levels for non-augmented characters.


Unfazeable can only be bought by unmodified humans with the “Unfamiliar Horrors” limitation (Horror, p19-20), not the Basic Set version. The Advantage thus costs 8 Points. Unfazeable from cyberware or racial metatraits can be the normal type available from Basic.

Allowable Traits

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