Ad Libitum

Ad Libitum

Ad Libitum sits in a rundown imports hub of the Harbor District, formerly a warehouse for fine furniture at the turn of the century, it now acts as a base of operations for defecting Triad interests. Acquired only months after the 2050 quarantine of Harbortown, the site is a prime location for smuggling merchandise into the city. Perhaps even more importantly, it’s location is well situated for keeping an eye on the state of pinned in rivals, the Wo Shing Wo. While not a fortress, Ad Libitum serves as a more forward face of Desiderium to the criminal and public sectors.

Security Details:

Armored Doors: DR 100

Complex Locks: -4 to skill

Electronic Locks: Scanlock

External Defense Globes: Nonlethal (Sonic emitters and tanglers)

Internal Defense (Office): Sonic Field 40 Sq/Yards Field

Security Staff: Four ‘Brothers’ on site at all times.

Ad Libitum

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