Accessories and Upgrades

Weapon Upgrades

Kreig Kapital “Deep Black” Weapon Finish. CF +3 LC2

The “Deep Black” coating is a nano-carbon and ceramic coating printed onto any existing weapon by a 3D process. Based upon the microscopic structure of natural sharkskin, it sheds dirt, dust and grease. The effects are that the treated weapon is easier to maintain (Add one step to Reliability) and will not take a fingerprint or hold onto DNA-bearing traces (-8 to Forensics to find usuable traces of either on the weapon). It’s popular with Corporate hit teams and others who must preserve deniability, even though it’s an expensive finish.

Weapon Options

Weapon Accessories

Dual-Feed Magazine. Cost: Magazine+20%+ cost of rounds, LC3

Magazines can be bought as “dual feed, selectable” for 20% extra on the cost of the underlying weapon, for the selective feed mechanism. The resultant modified weapon weighs 20% more and adds -1 to the weapon’s Bulk. Magazines can then be filled with two different types of round, each for half the normal magazine capacity. If the weapon has smartgun electronics and the user has a neural link, switching between ammunition types is a free action, otherwise it requires a ready maneuver.

Accessories and Upgrades

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