Portable 3-D Printer


A portable system that fits in a carrying case. It adds +1 (quality) to Machinist skill and can fabricate 0.1 lbs. of product per hour. Multiply the time required to fabricate microtech gadgets by 5 if item weight is under 0.1 lb., by 20 for under 0.01 lbs., by 100 for under 0.001 lbs., etc.

$5,000, 20 lbs., D/12 hrs or external power. LC3.

Materials come as very fine powders loaded into printer cartridges. Material costs come out to roughly 50% of item price.

3D Blueprints are Complexity 2 for devices costing up to $100, Complexity 3 for devices up to $1,000, etc.


3-D printer systems spray down layers of liquid plastics, epoxies, and metal powders to manufacture solid objects. They can build most solid objects by painting materials, layer by layer, until the object takes form. With appropriate blueprints, a printer can build just about anything that fits inside it.

This is a portable version, suitable for home use. It has a smaller fabrication well and smaller material resevoirs than it’s up-scale cousins, and is able to handle objects up to about a foot in all dimensions. It requires connection to databases with the appropriate blueprints and is controlled by a computer with the appropriate Expert System software. This home version can only make parts – they then must be assembled if they form components of a larger form e.g. a pistol.

Portable 3-D Printer

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