Nomad "Scavenger" Big-Rig

TL Vehicle ST/HP Hnd/SR HT Move LWt. Load SM Occ. DR Range Cost Locations
9 Scavenger 150 +0/4 11 2/8 61.3 tons 11.3 tons 5 1+21 0 144 $880K A22OTt4W
Scavenger 981 Points, $$880K
Design Features: Solar Charger 1; Wheels 4 [-1]; All-Terrain Wheels 1; Cockpit (External) 1; Extended Duration 1 1; One Arm [-2]; Grabber Hands [-1]; Hardpoint 2 1; Strong Arms 2 2; Ugly [-1]; Rugged 1; Cargo (External) [0.5]; High Maintenance [-1]; Cargo [0.5]; Poor Sensors [-0.5]. Total DP: 2.5.
Sensor Systems: Visual Sensor 4; Night Vision 5 1; Peripheral Vision 1; Chemical Sensor 2; Electromagnetic Sensor 2; Colorblind [-1]; Hard of Hearing [-1]. Total Sensor Slots: 8.
Integrated Equipment: 1x Vapor Collector; 1x Portable Workshop (Mechanic – Heavy Wheeled); 1x Portable Workshop (Mechanic – Automobile); 1x Portable Workshop (Mechanic – Robotics); 1x Portable Workshop (Armory – Small Arms); 1x Portable Workshop (Machinist); 1x Minifac; 10x Laser Fence Post; 2x Medical bed; 1x Portable Surgery. Total Weight: 1770 lbs.
Attribute Modifiers: ST +140 (Size, -50%) 700; HT +1 10.
Sec. Characteristics: None.
Advantages: Absolute Direction (Requires Signal, -20%) 4; Arm ST 150 (One Arm) 225; Compartmentalized Mind (Controls) 25; Detect (Electromagnetic Radiation; Signal Detection, +0%) 20; Doesn’t Breath 20; Enhanced Move 2 (Ground) 40; Extra Arm 2 (Weapon Mount) 4; High Pain Threshold 10; Injury Tolerance (No Brain, No Blood) 35; Machine 25; Night Vision 5 5; Payload 20 20; Payload 20 (External, -50%) 10; Peripheral Vision 15; Reduced Consumption 1 2; Telecommunication (Cable Jack, Infrared, Radio; Burst, x10, +30%; Digital, +50%; Secure, +20%; Extended Range, x100, +60%) 34.
Perks: Accessory (Computer) 1.
Disadvantages: Cannot Wear Armor [-20]; Colorblind [-10]; Deaf [-20]; Electrical [-20]; Ham-Fisted 2 [-10]; Hard of Hearing [-10]; Maintenance (One Person, Daily) [-10]; No Legs (Wheeled) [-80]; Numb [-20]; One Arm [-15]; Ugly -2 [-8].
Quirks: Cannot Float [-1].
Features: Battery (5F/12 Hours).

These vehicles are the kings of the Badlands, used by Nomad Clades to scavenge their way across the deserts and plains – picking up salvage and valuable scrap as they go. Really just a massive, strong grabber claw on a wheeled all-terrain chassis, with living quarters bolted on, they each hold up to 21 inhabitants – an entire extended family – and often travel in threes and fours with a whole Nomad Band on the move at once. each day, they use that huge grabber claw to knock down walls and lift rubble in search of something they can sell later, or pick up big bits of scrap metal and old machinery to transport to the cities on the edge of the badlands or sell at the nearest enclave.

A Scavenger is slow, but can drive without halt for up to nine hours overnight – 144 miles – then stop during the day and recharge its powercells for the next stage of its journey. Each has ample portable workshops and a small medical bay as well as living quarters, and a large vapor collector to provide water. The two hardpoints are usually occupied by smaller vehicles – armed buggies or ATV cycles – and the typical band will keep several of these which can act as scouts and outriders for the main group.

Nomad big rigs

Nomad "Scavenger" Big-Rig

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