M. V. Blue Shimmer


Systems Table

Front Hull
1 Open Frame Steel Armor (dDR 8)
2 External Clamp
3 Hangar
4 Hangar (Combined 20 tons capacity)
5 15 Ton Cargo Hold
6 15 Ton Cargo Hold

Central Hull
1 Open Frame Steel Armor (dDR 8)
2 Control Room (1 control station, C5 computer, comm/sensor 5)
3 Habitat (Luxury Cabin, 2×2 person Cabin)
4 Fuel Tank (15 tons)
5 Fuel Tank (15 tons)
6 Fuel Tank (15 tons)
[Core] Internal Combustion Engine (1pp)

Rear Hull
1 Open Frame Steel Armor (dDR 8)
2 Habitat (2×4 person Bunkroom)
3 Hidden Medium Battery: 2x 30mm (4dD) very rapid fire cannon, 2000 rounds each, 1.5 tons steerage cargo.
4 Engine Room (1 workspace)
5 Screw Propeller System (!)
6 Screw Propeller System (!)
[Core] Internal Combustion Engine (1pp)

TL: 8
dST/HP: 50
Hnd/SR: -1/5 HT: 14
SM: +7 Length 130 feet
DDR: 8/ 8 / 8
LWt: 300 tons
Occ: Crew: 1 Control + 1 workspaces, Others: 5 additional hands, 1 sub pilot.
Load: tons cargo.
Water performance: 15
Range: 5,400 Miles

Design Features: No Life Support, Nautical Lines, Open Frame Armor, Top Deck, Lacks Automation, Hidden Weapons Batteries.

Embarked smaller vessels: Beluga class submersible, 2x Zodiac small inflatable boats.

Cost: $ 3 million.


The Sea Shimmer is publicly a deep sea exploration tender, carrying a submersible which can explore the ocean bed looking for valuable minerals and salvaging from wrecks.

However, the truth is that while Captain Jerome Navarro and his largely Filipino crew do some of that kind of work, their far more lucrative employment is found in using the Shimmer’s submersible to covertly smuggle weapons, contraband and even people in or out of the despotic regime in Britain. Thus the two carefully concealed 30mm autocannon for when the British patrol boats get too nosy.

M. V. Blue Shimmer

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