Honda "Machinami" Tourer

A Standard Road Bike

Vehicle Table
Driving (Motorcycle)
TL Vehicle ST/HP Hnd/SR HT Move LWt. Load SM Occ. DR Range Cost Locations
9 Hvy. Bike 33 +1/2 11f 8/70* 0.5 0.2 0 1+1 4 350 $8,000 E2W

A smart motorcycle of the kind most commonly seen on the roads of 2050. It has an electric motor in each wheel, a light alloy and composite body, and a hydrogen fuel cell power plant. It has a cruising range of 350 miles.

The Machinami comes equipped with a computerized crew station (UT p. 24) suitable for use with an interface, an inertial compass (UT p. 74), an infrared surveillance camera (UT p. 61), a rugged personal computer (UT p. 22), small ladar (UT p. 64), a small cellular radio (UT p. 50), and an entertainment console (UT p. 51). The cycle has a biometric lock (UT p. 104) on its starter and computer jack, and the vehicle is also equipped with headlights and tail lights.

Honda "Machinami" Tourer

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