Boomslang Microlite

Solar-powered flyer

TL Vehicle ST/HP Hnd/SR HT Move LWt. Load SM Occ. DR Range Cost Locations Stall
9 Boomslang Microlite 50 +0/3 8 /36 1.4 tons 0.3 tons 2 1S 0 1296 $565K GWi 9

The Boomslang is a South African built aircraft designed for long-distance, long-duration anti-poacher and border missions over the veldt but has become popular across the globe, including in Australia and the American South. Its ducted turboprop engine is almost silent and can run for hours supplemented by power from the solar panels in the wings before the craft must land to recharge its batteries. The craft’s military-grade sensors and sealed cockpit mean it can cruise at altitudes of up to three miles high, unseen from the ground, then swoop silently to attack with its twin chain guns.

The Boomslang has a sophisticated sensor suite including a directable hi-power searchlight, external audio sensors, an advanced passive electromagnetic detector, a medium tactical radar, hyperspectral imaging sensors with x10 magnification, and a tactical ladar with a ten mile range.

The aircraft is armed with twin Storm Chainguns in 10mmCL, each with 450 rounds of ammunition.

A small external pannier can hold up to 38 lbs of additional cargo.

Boomslang Microlite

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