B&B C-700 Luxury Ground Sedan


Driving (Automobile)

TL Vehicle ST/HP Hnd/SR HT Move LWt. Load SM Occ. DR Range Cost Locations
9 SmartCar 130 +1/5 12 3/60* 1.4 0.6 +3 1+4 20 400 $85,000 G4W

On the lower end of Luxury vehicles is the Bearische & Benz C-700. Definitely not for a Gliterati, but suitable for a prole, this vehicle is classy even though it is ground bound. A common choice of the aspiring criminal element, they make use of the extra weight limit with electromagnetic armoring to protect its riders from stray projectiles. It has an electric motor in each wheel, a light alloy and composite body, and a hydrogen fuel cell power plant. It has a cruising range of 400 miles.

The C-700 comes equipped with a computerized crew station (UT p. 24), an inertial compass (UT p. 74), an infrared surveillance camera (UT p. 61), a rugged personal computer (UT p. 22), small ladar (UT p. 64), a small cellular radio (UT p. 50), and an entertainment console (UT p. 51). Each occupant has a crashweb (UT p. 224). The car has a biometric lock (UT p. 104) on its doors, and the vehicle is also equipped with headlights and tail lights.

B&B C-700 Luxury Ground Sedan

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