Typical Corporate Cop

The guys who do the day-to-day policing and security work in Corporate Zones


ST: 11 DX: 11 IQ: 10 HT: 11
Basic Speed: 5.5 Basic Move: 5 Will: 10 Perception: 10
thr: 1d-1 sw: 1d+1 BL: 24lbs
FP: 11 HP: 11
DR: Eye/Face: 20, Skull: 27, Torso/Vitals: 40,
Arms/Legs/Neck/Groin: 15, Hands/Feet: 5.

Fit; Legal Enforcement Powers (Corporate Cop) (Only On Specific Corporation’s Property, -20%); Legal Immunity (Petty Diplomat); Rank 1 Corporate Police: Guard; Security Clearance: Narrow Clearance on a “Need to Know” Basis (Corporate Security Information).

Duty (FR: 12) Corporation; One Disadvantage from: Bad Temper (CR12), Bully (CR12), Intolerance (Anyone not a CorpCop), Overconfidence (CR6)or Sense Of Duty (Own Force).

Administration 9, Area Knowledge (Beat) 12, Area Knowledge (City) 10, Armoury/TL9 (Small Arms) 9, Brawling 12, Computer Operation/TL9 10, Criminology/TL9 10, Detect Lies 10,
Diplomacy 9, Driving/TL9 (Automobile) 11, Electronics Operation/TL9 (Communications) 10, Electronics Operation/TL9 (Security) 10, Fast-Talk 9, First Aid/TL9 11, Forced Entry 12, Guns/TL9 (Pistol) 12, Guns/TL9 (Submachine Gun) 12, Interrogation 10, Handcuffing (Judo) 11, Intimidation 10, Judo 9, Law (Corporate Security) 10, Observation 10, Running 11,
Savoir-Faire (Police) 12, Search 11, Tactics 9, Streetwise 10, Tonfa 11.

Punch 12: 1d-2 cr
Kick with boots 10: 1d cr
Stun Wand 11: 1d+1 cut/1d-1 imp (linked HT-5(2) aff)
Holdout Electrolaser 8: (Acc2) HT-2 (2) aff+1d-3 burn,sur
“ADI PD-9” PDW 12: (Acc 4) 3d+3 pi

Armatech “ADI PD-9” Light Personal Defense Weapon, 4mmCL ETC with smartgun electronics (+1 SMG Skill).
Dinamika “Iskra” Holdout Electrolaser.
Stun Wand.

Nanoweave Tactical Armor, Ceremat Infantry Helmet with Visor, Assault Boots, Light Ceremat Torso Plate.

Cufftape, Electronic Cuffs, Handheld Biometric Scanner, “Robocop” Wearable Computer (+1 SMG Skill), ID card, Mini Flashlight.


The typical Corporate Cop, found guarding sovereign facilities all across the world. He or she is a cut above the normal street cop and knows it – and also often considers themself above the hoi-polloi who pass through their checkpoints.

Typical Corporate Cop

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