Typical Corporate Bodyguard

A typical member of a Corporate Personal Security Team (PST)


250 Points

ST: 11 DX: 12 IQ: 12 HT: 11
Basic Speed: 5.75 Basic Move: 5 Will: 12 Perception: 12
thr: 1d-1 sw: 1d+1 BL: 24lbs
FP: 11 HP: 11
DR: Eyes: 10, Skull: 7, Face: 5, Neck: 10, Torso: 20, Arms: 20, Vitals: 20, Groin: 15, Legs: 15, Hands: 5, Feet: 10

Height: 5’ 10" Weight: 170 lb Size: + 0
Age: 28 TL: 9

Legal Enforcement Powers (Corportate Cop: Only on specific corporate property -80%) 8, Legal Immunity (Petty Diplomat) 15, Rank 2 (Corporate Security) 10, Security Clearance (Corporate Secrets, Narrow, Need To Know) 5, Very Fit 15

Various, but a minumum fit would be:

Armatech Executive Protection System, Cybernetic Design “Speedware” Accelerated Reflexes, GenTech Computer Implant, GenTech Neural Jack.

Duty to Client (FR12, Extremely Hazardous) [-15], -20 Points in Career-appropriate Disadvantages.

Area Knowledge (City) 13, Armoury (Small Arms) 11, Body Language 13, Brawling 13, Comp.Ops 12, Detect Lies 10, Diplomacy 11, Driving (Automobile) 12, Elec.Ops (Comms) 12, Elec.Ops (Security) 12, Fast Draw (Pistol) 14, Fast Draw (Ammo) 13, First Aid 14, Guns (Pistol) 15, Guns (SMG) 14, Holdout 12, Intimidation 13, Karate 11, Law (Corporate security) 12, Observation 12, Pilot (AV) 11, Running 10, Savoir-Faire (Servant) 14, Search 12, Shadowing 13, Tactics 11.

Punch 13, 1d cr, Kick with boots 11 1d+1 cr
“ADI PD-9” PDW 14: (Acc 4) 3d+3 pi
Armatech “ADI A-12 Prowler” Pistol 15: (Acc 2) 2d+2pi

Armatech “ADI PD-9” Light Personal Defense Weapon, 4mmCL ETC with smartgun electronics (1 SMG Skill). Combat Sling. 3 mags.
Armatech “ADI A-12 Prowler Hi-Power” Medium Pistol, 8mmCLP Magnum with smartgun electronics (
1 Pistol Skill). Shoulder Holster. 3 mags.

Styled Light Nanoweave Bodysuit, Styled and Disguised Medium Nanoweave Jacket including tactical harness and programmable camoflage, Styled and Disguised Medium Nanoweave Pants including programmable camoflage, Styled Rigidized Assault Boots, Styled Armored Shades with camera, glare resistant, H.U.D., night vision 4.

Wearable C4 Computer including C3 Research, C3 targeting and C4 visual recognition software.

Emergency First Aid Kit, Cellphone Bud, Handcuffs, Karatands, Hand-held T-ray Scanner, EM Interference Cuffs.


This represents the vast bulk of corporate bodyguards on Personal Security Teams, the specially trained and eternally paranoid corporate cops who protect the cream of executives 24/7. Usually, they work in teams of three or more although the additional personnel may well be specialists – intelligence analysts, advance scouts, drivers and pilots, med techs, couriers and even professional decoys – depending on the wealth and importance of the client.

Typical Corporate Bodyguard

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