Lady Yan

Night City's B-Pop Local Legend


Reputation: Pop Idol 4

Known Augments: Computer Implant, Gyrobalance, Cyberoptics, Cartilege Replacement

Known Combat Training: Pistol, Knife, Judo.


If even a fifth of the stories about Lady Yan were true, she’d still be one of the most interesting people of the 21st Century. Rumors range from a Chinese pleasure-droid escaping Triad control to Canadian seceret agent, but the fact remains that Lady Yan is a mysterious pop idol that surfaces now and then for a concert or public event – conspiracy theorists love to point out that these concerts and appearances always coincide with with major political/corporate espionage events, but, as their detractors love to point out, in the 21st Century, it would be far more suspicious if no corp/political espionage incidents happened on a night she performed! Lady Yan is known to have a beautiful condo in Night City’s Victoriana Clade in the Mornington area, as well as an estate in Vancouver.

Lady Yan

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