Kawaii Kali!

B-Rock Diva


Reputation: Pop Diva 5
Status: 4
Wealth: Multimillionaire

Known Augments: Implant Computer, Neural Interface, Sensie Interface, Cyberaudio

Known Combat Training: None.


Born Rosalba Weisz, Kawaii Kali! is one of the more conservative musicians to come out of the Glitterati hype machine over the past five years. Her voice has a smoky quality to it, but is capable of spiraling the high registers with an almost etherial ease. She shows an intense passion for taking older style music and revitalizing it with injections of style and flair from more modern sensitivities. Her outfits are seemingly outlandish for anyone outside the Glitterati, but within it seem almost conventional, if a bit edgy. Her sensies are always full of skin tight outfits and rough lyrics, and almost always elicit a feeling of doing something one oughtn’t.

In public, she’s always seen in the most upscale clubs, usually with a beautiful entourage. She flirts and cajoles her way to feed her addiction for attention, which she never finds herself short of due to her reputation, both in terms of popularity and her reputation for having an atrocious temper when she doesn’t get her way, as well as her frequent bouts of depression, all of which spiral into an uncontrollable media storm. Her clueless and absent-minded personality often causes her to forget that the paperazzi follow her around like flies, and as she flits from bar to bar, she indulges her desries, creating an unforgettable scene that brings in top dollar.

Kawaii Kali!

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