Hugh deBois

Deserter from Socialist Republic of Canada.


A strongly built man rolls his wheelchair beside Candyman as they head for his office, Candy opens the door for the man and follows after.

“Thanks Mr. Cypress,” says the crippled man after the door has closed, “what is it you wanted me up here for?” Candyman gives him a warm and true smile, “Hugh, I know, its Sophia’s birthday. Desiderium is a family, even if we’ve know each other longer than that, we all are cheered by your daughters presence here and wish you both the best – we have a small token of our goodwill.” Candyman gestures to a side table – upon it lays a simple silver broach done up in bird motifs.

Hugh visibly shakes as he looks upon the jewelry, coming to himself he slowly moves closer and picks it up. “Mr. Cypress, this is Emma’s, how did you get it?” His hands tremble as he holds the thin silver chain – “its hard to believe she’s gone…thank you so much.” Candyman walks over and places his hands on the man’s shoulders, “I’m only sorry I could not save her as well my friend.”

Hugh du bois

Hugh du bois 2


Hugh deBois and his family got caught up in serious trouble when Canada experienced it’s shift of government. Some of Hugh’s superiors resisted the shift of power at the end, when he saw what was happening and defected, his old employees saw him as a security risk and moved to silence him and his family. Mr. Cypress was busy building the backdrop for his false persona at the time – earning citizenship in Canada so he would seem less conspicuous when he moved to the US. When Hugh sought to flee, it was Mr. Cypress who smuggled Hugh and his daughter into America. It was a close thing, Candyman was shot in the throat as they fled. Fortunately his Armatech Executive Protection System protected him from the worst of it – but his voice-box was crushed. Hugh knows he owes his life, and more importantly his daughters, to Mr. Cypress. He now serves the enigmatic Candyman as the head of security and ‘Eldest Brother’ in Desiderium Cartel, but most of all as his one true friend.

Hugh deBois

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