General Parashar Kumar

CEO, Tuphana Industries


Status: 5

Rank: 8 (CEO, Megacorporation)

Wealth: Billionaire

Known Cyberware: Milspec Neural Interface, Milspec Implant Computer, Executive Skinweave, Milspec Optics, Boosterware, Agility Enhancement, Bios.

Known Combat Training: Guns (Various), Gunnery (Various), Demolitions.


General Kumar served his whole life in the Indian Army’s parachute corps before taking up the post of Board Member at the nation’s largest arms manufacturer a decade ago. There his tactical acumen and ruthlessness soon saw him rise in a boardroom coup to the highest post of all. It is rumored he now has his sights set on the presidency.

In his personal life, General Kumar is a devout Hindu and nationalist. He’s vegetarian and always polite to people face-to-face. He believes himself a sinner in that he has been and can be a violent man who makes instruments of violence, but he subsumes that under a necessity to protect those Indians less fortunate than himself and the Indian State as a whole. In all things, he strives for magnaminity and humility, as befits a Hindu, and practises austerity (compared to many others of his class0 and celibacy.

General Parashar Kumar

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