Fuchsia Skyes

Brat Heiress & Socialite


Status: Glitterati Celebutante
Wealth: Multimillionaire 4 with Independent Income

Known Augments: Implant Computer, Wireless Neural Interface, Skinweave, Flesh Pocket, Chip Slots, BIOS.

Combat Training: Shortstaff


Infamous celebutante Fuchsia Skyes has a life of legendary luxury – the granddaughter of renowned mogul Redford Skyes, CEO of Amaisda Biofuel, Fuchsia grew up around more wealth and affluence than even many heads of state can imagine. During her fabulous life of extravagantly blowing through epic amounts of wealth, Fuchsia stumbled on an actual talent: Fuchsia Skyes can turn a club from unknown to a major hot-spot with a single appearance. Over the last few years, Fuchsia has carved out a profitable career in endorsements and appearances, and rarely steps out of her luxury apartment without a sizable cash incentive – which usually covers her extravagant tastes (and lawyer fees over the nights scandalous damages) with a just enough left over to be profitable.

Fuchsia Skyes

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