Edgar Cranshaw


Rank: Counter-Terrorism Attache, Night City Consular Office.(Diplomatic Immunity)

Status: 2

Wealth: Wealthy.

Known Augments: Boosterware, Skinweave Armor, Bios, Implant Computer and Military Wireless Neural Interface.

Known Combat Training: Pistol, Shotgun, Judo.


Edgar, or “Eddie” as he prefers to be known, is the junior member of the British intelligence duopoly’s representation in their Night City Consulate. A big and imposing guy at just over six feet and around 200 pounds, he’s never seen out of uniform. He seems to relish his role as an agent of the notorious Briish secret police just a little too much, being able to reduce many suspects to a quivering wreck just with a glower.

Eddie is no gestapo clown though, he’s a well trained detective from a family of policemen who made his bones in the slums of East London and the Midland Conurb then heading a counter-terrorism unit in the Scottish Zone before being posted to NorCal a year ago. He’s a highly intelligent and experienced operative for the DI5 counter-intelligence group, who should never be under-estimated.

Edgar Cranshaw

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