Dr. Aurora Michelson

Dispassionate neuroscience technician at Rossum Universal Industries


Dr. Michelson is a tall, cold, and beautiful woman. Her dark brown eyes stare out from a face seemingly sculptured in alabaster with subtle makeup. She wears simple jewelry and thoroughly professional clothing and during work-hours wears her long hair in a ponytail to keep it out of the way.


After crawling up from the lower section of the Prole class to attend one of the more prestigious universities in the nation, Dr. Aurora Michelson landed a job at the premier firm for her field – Rossum Universal Industries. She has worked at the company for seven years and has minimal relationships outside of the corporate structure – Dr. Michelson’s focus upon her career makes her seem standoffish to others and she has something of a reputation as an ‘Ice Queen’. She is cold and dispassionate towards the Slates that she works with, believing as many do that they no longer qualify as ‘human’ and are now simple biological machines.

Dr. Aurora Michelson

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