Dee Capuano

An upscale escort girl


Dee is petite and slender, although still with plenty of curves. Her wavy brown hair is tinged with ligher streaks, but it’s impossible to say if that is natural greying beginning or artificial highlights. She’s pretty, even beautiful, but her face looks “lived in”. She still walks like every joint was lubricated with silicon gel though – smooth and sexy and with a hip sway that attracts the eye. Then there’s that purr of a voice…


Dee has a life story, but it changes every time she tells and depending on who the ‘client" is. She’s one of Eurohostess’ best Night City girls, though – witty, urbane, captivating and well-educated. A true modern courtesan. Over the years she’s heard a lot of pillow talk and thus knows where a lot of the bodies are buried. She has been living in one of the higher floor suites at the Ottoman Hotel for the last three years, and has no shortage of friends willing to pay for it.

Dee Capuano

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