Davis Geitner

Night City Head of Rossum Universal's Special Projects Division


Davis Geitner is a tall, well-groomed man in that murky span between thirty and fifty where it’s almost impossible to put down a man’s age, especially with current medical technology. Geitner habitually wears what appears to be a simple business suit to work and is almost always clean-cut and looking professional, but like anyone involved in Rossum’s Special Projects Division, he isn’t afraid to get dirty when he has to.


Davis Geitner is the current head of Rossum’s Special Project Division in Night City, having only started the job a bare few months ago after his predecessor suffered a tragic accident in an air car after a botched operation. Geitner brings with him a love of negotiations and clever tricks born from his training as a lawyer in the Canadian legal system, and when he can Geitner prefers to utilize more subtle machinations over direct action.

Geitner is extremely ambitious and more than willing to advance his career utilizing the ‘Canadian method’ – betraying, blackmailing, and backstabbing anyone who gets in his way, all from the shadows in the background.

Davis Geitner

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