Charlotte Gilman

Socialite, Investor, Chair of the Ruskin Society


Status: 2

Wealth: Multimillionaire

Rank: 4 (Administrative)

Known Cyberware: Computer Implant and Neural Interface, BIOS, Executive Skinweave

Known Combat Skills: None


Charlotte is the only known offspring of Anthony Gilman, one of the original board of the Ruskin Commonwealth Society – the owners of the famed Mornington enclave in Night City. As such, she’s deeply imbedded with the city’s Glitterati, movers and shakers – owed or owing countless favors and enmeshed in cross-ownership of various shareholdings and businesses.

Charlotte cultivates an image of the the perfect Victoriana matriarch, strong and strict yet still having a duty of care to those she is effective ruler over. Yet beneath that facade is a penchant for several of the sins of the flesh. She has never married, as much to maintain a “Virgin Queen” mystique as because she’s never thought she could live with one person for any length of time. However, she is discreet in all her dalliances.

Charlotte Gilman

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