Barbara Tresvant

Eurohostess courtesan


Barbara might have been constructed in a European lab with the express purpose of making rich, old men fall for her. Maybe she was. She’s slightly under medium hight, slim but curvy, and moves with a gymnastic elegance and flexibility that draws the eye. She has a tinking laugh and the kind of voice that promises she’s not as young in mind as she looks in body.


Barbara is a Eurohostess courtesan, trained in being the companion to rich and powerful men. She’s well educated, witty, seductive and at the same time subtly submissive. She does very well for herself. At the moment, she’s living with her mentor and Eurohostess sponsor, Dee Capuano, at the Ottoman – but she’d love to snag herself something permanent that means she can move from being Dee’s apprentice to being an equal…or rival.

Barbara Tresvant

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